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        Hitley stands at the top of the leading industry in R&D and the provision of sta

        te-of-the-art technology, software and services for the construction industry
        70 years ago, Martin Hilti led the innovation in fastening technology, which promoted the transformation of hand tools and nail guns; 60 years ago, the major technological breakthroughs that Xi Li had to go,

        Developed and manufactured the world's first gunpowder nailer DX 100, the business map covers nearly 30 countries; then, the first electric power hammer drill TE 17 was successfully developed, meanwhile,
        Xi Li's first mechanical Anka anchor system was developed; in the 21st century, global unified business processes and data were launched, which will greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity in the future.
        The foundation is underway; all the way to development and innovation, to the establishment of today's Hilti modern innovation center, opened a new foundation for the future market.



        研发制造出世界上首款火药击钉器DX 100,业务版图覆盖近30个国家;接着,首款电气动力锤钻TE 17研发成功,同时,


        最新加盟热线 , 马上咨询