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        Wavin was founded in the 1950s - formerly the Dutch Book Office.Weiwen Group, headquartered in Zwolle, Netherlands, began its construction and municipal

        work in 1955.And the public market is the largest manufacturer and supplier of plastic piping

        systems in the world.Today, there are 45 factories in 30 countries and regions around the world,more than 150 professional agents and technology licenses are available.Global.

        Over 7,000 employees have been listed in the Dutch stock market in 2006 and 2007.

        The acquisition of Pilsa, Turkey, and the advantages of Weiwen Group in terms of production capacity andtechnological resources In terms of product quality, technological innovation,

        technical support and customer service, it has become a leader in this industry.






        Since half a century, Wavin has won many world patents, the world's first plastic fast intubation fittings for drinkingwater, and the world's first rainwater.Permeation unit, the world's first multi-layer PE pressure pipe, the world's firsttwo-way cross-linked high-strength PVC pipe, the world's first washable rainwater collection and permeation unit,

        The world's first high-performance PPR system basalt composite pipe and so on.

        Wavin has also developed from Holland to Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Britain and Sweden.World-class enterprises with 45 factories in more than 30 countries such as Poland and Russia.




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