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        REIVILO, a noble family brand in Europe

        REIVILO as a European noble family of brands, with innovative and revolutionary designs has repeatedly set up European wood products and lock model, especially they created the European 72:50 quality big lock and unique mechanical mute technology, are European luxury lock quality experience .
        Material: by California CARB international certification, green environmental protection level is in accordance with E1; the tough texture light, natural "fir head" component material, has the effect of anti corrosion resistant barn, meeting the requirements of environmental protection. Surface material: smooth. Wear. Scratch resistant. Easy care characteristics. No lightpollution, formaldehyde and toluene and other chemical pollution.
        Glue: the German Henkel original glue, environmental non-toxic, with high temperature and high pressure, ensure the door is not easy to crack deformation;ensure the overall ecological and environmental protection products.

        The automatic production line of CNC3D CNC machining center in Germany,cemented carbide tool in high speed to ensure smooth lines, the 3D function of thesculpture in the corner does not appear rounded appearance is the difference between the characteristics of the common carving, stable quality, more exogenous frame type structure, the real combination of artificial and natural perfect.

        REIVILO,Worldwide exhibition

        Reivilo, with its outstanding design and patented technology, popular in the world's exhibition will, and be the first choice of the major engineering projects. In September 2014, was elected the Vecchio Puerto Rico residential areas of core products; In November 2014, SAUDI Riyadh SAUDI Arabia expo exhibitors; That same year, reform of the traditional houses in Doha Doha, greatly enhance the local residents satisfaction; North American Industry in 2016, a new concept of fashionable Las Vegas Show Kitchen exhibition.








        Reivilo,以其出色的设计和专利技术,风靡世界各大展会,并成为重大工程项目的优先选择。2014年9月,被选为Vecchio波多黎各住宅领域核心产品;2014年11月,参展沙特SAUDI利雅得博览会;同年,在Doha多哈传统房屋改造中,大大提高当地居民满意度;2016年,新概念风靡拉斯维加斯北美Industry Show Kitchen展。


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